Oluf Jeronimusson

The exact years when he lived are not known. Nor is it known where he was born, but on some grounds we can assume that it was in Visby and that he was probably born sometime around 1640.

In the year 1683 on the 12th of February a deed of purchase is issued by Nils Norbys in Hejdeby on which it says that "he sells half of the farm Stora Hulte in Endre to Oluf Jeronimusson for 70 Daler". Oluf was at that time already living at Stora Hulte and it is possible that he already owned the other half. It is also known that a brother of Oluf, Albrecht Hieronimisson, on the 23rd of February in 1662 bought half of the farm Stora Hästnäs in Visby parish for 80 Daler.

Albrecht first son was called Jeronirtius Albrechtson. He was baptized on November 30 in 1664 and Oluf was his godfather. In 1670 there lived a Jörgen Jeronimijson in Visby. He was married to a Margaretha Madtzdotter. It is not unlikely that he was a brother of Oluf and Albrecht. Oluf also had a son. His name was Rasmus Olofsson and with him the story continues.