Hans Joachimsson Hagvall

Hans Joachimsson Hagvall was born on the 14th of August in the year 1800. He took over the farm Hagvards from his father in 1830. On the 26th of October in 1826 he married a woman called Greta Lena Pehrsdotter. Greta Lena was born in Follingbo on the 10th of December in 1805. She was the daughter of Pehr Olsson (1777-1839) and Margareta Olofsdotter (1781-1852).

Hans and Greta had 10 children. Johan Petter (1828-1878), Gustafva Josefina Margaretha (1830-?), Carl Alfred (1832-?), Christina Charlotta (1834-?), Lars August (1836-?), Anna Maria Wilhelmina (1838-?), Nicklas Wilhelm (1840-?), Olof Theodor (1842-?), Jacob Walfrid (1845-1876), and Gustaf Victor (1847-1825).

Hans stayed on the farm Hagvards until his death on the 25th of May in 1859. Greta Lena Pehrsdotter dies 12 years after her husband on the 18th of June, in 1871.

At this time their first son Johan Petter lived in Sundsvall and had to travel via Västervik to come to Gotland for his mothers funeral. Here is the story of Johan Petter.