Wilhelm and Inga Hagwall

Wilhelm Arthur Yngve Hagwall was born in Västervik on the 20th September, 1904. He went to military school to become an officer and served in the navy from 1927.

He married Inga Margareta Borgstedt on the first of January 1929. She was born in Stockholm on the 13th of October 1909. Her father, Martin Borgstedt (1860-1915), was an architect. Her mothers name was Ester (1870 to 1954) but most people called her "Essan".

Wilhelm and Inga had three children, Gun (1930-1971), Clas (1933), and Maj (1936). Shortly after Gun was born they moved to Karlskrona but they stayed only for a couple of years, and by the time Clas was born they were back in Stockholm. Maj was also born in Stockholm and the family lived in an apartment on Tranebergsvägen until 1944 when they, once again, moved to Karlskrona.

Wilhelm got a good job at the naval dockyard (Örlogsvarvet) in Karlskrona and the family moved into a large house on Chapmangatan 1A on Björkholmen. The children went to school in Karlskrona läroverk. Wilhelm had access to a sailing boat through work so on weekends and holidays the family would often go sailing.

Inga, who was a very talented painter, made some of her best paintings during this period. Wilhelm became captain of the first degree (kommendörkapten av 1 gr.) in 1948. The family stayed in Karlskrona until 1950. It was time to move back to Stockholm.

Back in Stockholm the family moved into an apartment on Östrandsvägen 62 in Stureby. Wilhelm worked at Skeppsholmen, and Inga worked for a short while at Hotel Reisen.

Wilhelm retired from the navy in 1959. After his retirement he continued to work, among other things he was a math and physics teacher at Ahlströmska skolan in Stockholm.

They built their own summer house sometime around 1960. Located on Häverö, just north of Stockholm, it soon became their favourite place. When I was a kid, I spent most of my summers there together with my cousin Anders.

Wilhelm died on the 16th of June in 1984. Inga lived for ten more years and died on the 29th of November, 1994.