Joachim Erasmisson Hagvall

Joachim was born on the farm Svenskens in Endre on September 22, in 1766. On the 2nd of November in 1797 he married Margareta Larsdotter, who was also born on the farm Svenskens, on October 20 in 1772. They owned the farm Hagvards in Follingbo. Joachim came to Hagvards already in 1795. In 1812 he made some alterations to the original building from the 15th century. It was from the farm Hagvards that Hans and Greta took the family name Hagvall. Unfortunately Hagvards was torn down in April 1959 due to damage caused by a fire.

Joachim and Margareta had four children, Hans (born on August 14 in 1800), Lars (born on December 11 in 1803), Greta Maja (born in 1808), and Brita Cajsa (born on December 27 in 1812). As a result of an affair outside the marriage, Johan Fredrik Hagvall was born on May 6 in 1820.

In 1838 on the 12th of October, Greta Larsdotter Hagvall dies at the age of 66. Just two years later, in 1840, Joachim Erasmisson Hagvall dies at the age of 74. Their son, Hans, took over the farm Hagvards and this is what happened to him.