Arthur and Märtha Hagwall

Hans Arthur Hagwall was born in Västervik on the 18th of April in 1877. He married Märtha Allvin on Friday the 16th of October in 1903 (at 2:30PM). By this time he had also managed to become a lieutenant.

Märtha Matilda Allvin, was born in Västervik on the 14th of March in 1881. She was the daughter of Göran and Johanna Allvin, and she was a very beautiful woman.

Arthur and Märtha had two children, a son called Wilhelm Arthur Yngve (1904), and a daughter called Märtha. Unfortunately, Märtha (the mother) died of TBC at the age of 26, on the 8th of April, 1907.

After a few years Arthur marries again to Helma Maria Falkengren, born in Lidköping on the 17th of January in 1887. They had two children, one daughter called Hervor Edith Maria, born on the 8th of November in 1912, and one son called Bror Erik Ragnar, born on February 19, 1914. Both children were born in Lidköping and became office clerks. Helma Maria died in Stockholm on January 4, 1954.

Arthur was to live a very long life. He became captain at Kungliga Skaraborgs Regemente. After his military career he worked as a gymnastic teacher at Eksjö läroverk. He was, among other things, a recognized filatelist. He also enjoyed a good sauna, smoked cigars, and made his own schnaps and liqueur. I have been told that he was very fit and that he stayed in good shape all of his life. On his 80th birthday he did a hand-stand without any problems, and on his 90th birthday he walked around the party pulling his knees up high, while having a Conjak in one hand and a cigar in the other.

I was fortunate enough to meet him in the beginning of July, 1969. I remember him looking really old. He showed me his stamp-collection and gave me 100 Swedish Crowns - which was a lot of money to me at that time. Arthur died silently in his sleep on March 6, 1976 in Eksjö, Småland. He became 98 years old. The story continues with his son, Wilhelm.