The making of these pages

This web site started out with just a few pages in 1999. It soon began to grow as new material came in and hopefully it will continue to expand.


The major source of information is my father, Clas Hagwall, but much of the material comes from the research done by my grandfather Wilhelm Hagwall (1904-1984). I also suspect that a lot of Wilhelms research has its origin in the work done by his uncle Emil Hagwall (1871-1957).

Thanks to Magnus Hagwall for sending me the detailed family tree and some really nice stories. Also thanks to Faster Maj for the articles on Emil, Dika, Märta, Arthur, and Wilhelm. Thanks to Ingvar Price in Kisa for the updated information about Pehr Viktor. And a special thanks to Mr. Ewald Ankarvall for the nice collection of labels from John's brewery.

Research and facts

I haven't really done any research myself - yet. However, I have tried to put together the results, findings, and facts from others in a comprehensive and narrative way. Eventhough there is no guarantee of the accuracy in these text most facts have been verified from two sources or more. Consider this to be a living document and if you find anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.


If you are a Hagwall too, or perhaps a Hartwell, a Borgstedt, or whatever, please don't hesitate to contact me. Any comments, corrections, or information about the family is highly appreciated. Or just drop me a mail and let me know that you were here.

Thanks for visiting